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These products are in some stage of development in the RST Labs and will be an active product in the future. 

Please do not ask us when these products will be available.  We have no more information than what you see here.









RST-505 is a simple speaker/phones power amplifier that takes up to 6 audio inputs and provides a single output to either a speaker, headphones, or both.  It may be used as the amplifier in a simple homebrew audio panel.



RST-602 is a solar powered battery charger designed specifically for the RG (recombinant gas) sealed batteries.  It features the dual charge-discharge cycle recommended for this battery technology















RST-513 is a simple NAV antenna splitter that gives two VOR/LOC plus a glideslope signals from one NAV antenna.  (Note:  this device will NOT couple two COM transmitters to a single antenna or split a COM antenna for two COM transceivers.)



RST-8776 is an active GPS antenna meant for remote mount in an optimum place on the aircraft for best reception.  It is waterproof and features an internal amplifier to compensate for cable and installation losses.


RST-8776 Operations Manual
















RST-731 is a headset tester that allows a headset to be set to a standard level.  It also incorporates a sound source for earphone testing and an indicator for testing a portable PTT switch.





























RST-566  is an audio panel with speaker and headphone amplifiers and using microprocessor control of the functions.  It features control of up to three transceivers and incorporates its own digital voice recorder.






RST-566 Image






























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