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Base Station Antennas – VHF COM or VHF NAV

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Our base station Sorta-KitTM has an excellent 2:1 VSWR bandwidth over the 108-118 MHz VHF NAV band, the 118-137 VHF COM band, or the amateur radio 2 meter 144-148 MHz band.  The antenna may be made as a horizontal dipole or a vertical dipole, whichever you wish.


The antenna is constructed from the parts in the kit plus your supplied ⅜" wooden dowel, ½" PVC water pipe, and water pipe end caps.  Here is the link to download the complete Construction and Operations Manual and the Spreadsheet.

VHF Horizontal NAV Antenna With Stealth Paint

VHF Vertical COM Antenna Unpainted


The Story Of Our Base Station Antennas


I guess I've traveled to as many small country airports as anybody in this business and I've been witness to some of the best and the worst Unicom base station installations that there are.


What really pushed my button to write articles and develop base station products was one antenna installation I saw in the Ozark country down in southeastern Missouri. It consisted of about a thousand feet of #22 wire strung around the FBO, across metal gutters, electrical conduit, and other wires. The FBO, quite proud of his invention, said that this antenna didn't have quite the range of his "big antenny" on the roof, but it was "a mite easier to keep up in a snowstorm."


We think that our base station antennas are also "a mite easier to keep up in a snowstorm."  They can also be painted to blend in with most environments to provide a true "stealth antenna" installation that is relatively invisible to the casual observer.


You will have to provide a drill and a saw for both water pipe and dowel as well as pipe glue and silicone sealant.  If constructed in accordance with our manual, the antenna will be completely weatherproof.

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