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The Appareo "Stratus" ADS-B Out function is done with the Stratus ESG.  Internal to the ESG equipment is a full-function transponder and internal WAAS GPS receiver.  Included with the product is an external GPS antenna that is matched to the internal receiver. 


NOTE:  This is the unit that meets the TSO specifications of the Stratus ESG and comes with the TSO certificate and paperwork.  Ask your mechanic about owner-installing this unit in a standard certificated aircraft (see FAQ # 2 & 3 below).  This unit is NOT RETURNABLE to RST unless improperly labeled or packaged.  Warranty service is provided by Appareo at the factory in Fargo N.D.


The price as shown below is ONLY available to current EAA and AOPA members.  The model listed is the RST-1033, which is comprised of the Stratus ESG ADS-B equipment as described above PLUS the RST Product and Installation Guide on CDROM, plus the GPS antenna connectors and coaxial cable.


RST-1033  $2188.73 ------ (personal check)  

  RST-1033  $2245.73 -- (PayPal)

Plus (if shipping to a California address) 8% sales tax. 




Add the Stratus 2i to the ESG for full ADSB In for a display of traffic, weather, and synthetic vision.  You will see all traffic around you, weather along your route, and a synthetic representation of terrain for a "glass panel" for far less than a separate glass panel.  Works with iPad and Foreflight and Android devices with several popular mapping programs.


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RST-1025  $449.73 --------- (personal check)

RST-1025 $464.88 ----- (PayPal) 


Plus (if shipping to a California address) 8%sales tax.

















Download the full RST Engineering Product and Installation Guide by clicking **HERE**  (caution 3 MB document)









The antenna supplied with the ESG is in front and the RST-8776 is in the back.

The 8776 antenna is constructed with the antenna on top of the fuselage, then ground plane, sealing gasket, thumb nut, and locknut

 The GPS antenna supplied with the ESG is somewhat large and unwieldy.  The RST-8776 GPS antenna is much smaller and easier to install (note the silver dollar between the ESG and 8776 antennas.

The antenna installs into a single 7/8" (0.875 or 23mm) round hole and is secured to the airframe with a thumbnut and locknut.

The ESG antenna requires a specific length of coaxial cable while the RST antenna cable may be made as short or long (up to 16 feet (5 meters))  as you wish.


RST-8776 GPS Antenna   $73.88

Price when ordered with ESG either by

 Personal Check

  or by Paypal


 The Stratus ESG requires a source of barometric altitude.  The  RST-582 (our number for the ACK A-30 Altitude Encoder) interfaces directly with the Stratus ESG to provide that encoded altitude signal.

The ACK altiutde encoder may be mounted directly on the top of the ESG mounting tray (if you have room in the stack) to provide single-point mounting for both the ESG and the encoder.

This is the standard "Gray Code" unit.  The RS-232 serial unit is available on special order.


RST-582 Altitude Encoder $199.88

Price when ordered with ESG either by

 Personal Check


Or by Paypal    






1.  Is the Stratus ESG TSO'd?   That's a very interesting question.  You will not get a straight answer to that question no matter how many people you talk to.  Here's the deal as best I can answer it.  For some time now the FAA has been writing regulations that allow a lot of "wiggle room" in them.  The weasel-words they use most commonly is that for certain pieces of equipment the unit must MEET the requirements for TSO but do not actually need to BE TSO'd.  That allows the manufacturer to bypass some very expensive and time consuming paperwork blizzards and still comply with the letter and spirit of the law.  The Stratus ESG (both versions) MEETS the TSO requirements, but a very careful examination of the installation, 337, and STC documents does not say once that either version of the units IS TSO'd.  Interesting, eh?

2.  Can the owner install it themselves?  Yes.  The installation is relatively trivial for someone who is familiar with avionics installations.  It may be challenging for a relative newbie to avionics, but the instructions are pretty clear.  You do need a crimp tool for the sub-D crimp terminals and a small-parts soldering iron for the TNC GPS connectors.  If this is your first foray into avionics, find somebody that can help you navigate the waters.  A 3/32" hex (allen) wrench/key is needed to install the unit into its tray.


3.  How can you sell this for below anything else I can find on the market?  Quite simply.  We only sell to aircraft owners who believe in owner-assisted installations.  We don't have a large shop with extensive overhead.  We have been selling our own brand of do-it-yourself (i.e. "Heathkit") avionics for over 45 years and we understand what it is like to put out an installation manual that is clear, concise, and simple to follow.  That lets us reduce the price of your avionics to an absolute minimum.  Are we making a few bucks on the deal?  Of course.  That's what has kept us in business for all these years.  But are we sticking it to you at full list price?  That has never been our policy.  Make a few nickels to keep the wolf away from the door and we are happy campers.


4.  "Sparkledark Avionics" is selling it for less than you.  Will you match the price?  Yes, and after a very short investigation we will give you an extra $10 to boot if we find this is a legitimate offer.  We intend on keeping the price lower than any other legitimate offer.  HOWEVER, it must be in writing (or on their website), equivalent to the Stratus Experimental ESG, with two TNC connectors, an 18 foot piece of RG-174 GPS antenna coaxial cable, a full set of Stratus operations and installation manuals & paperwork (paper or pdf format) and must include shipping to your door.  That is the equivalence.


5.  If I buy it from you will you include a signed 337 form with it?  How about if I send you pictures, will you sign my logbook?  You all think I'm making this stuff up, don't you?  Both of these questions have been seriously asked and heretofore I have given a civil answer -- calmly, quietly NO.  I reserve the right to answer them emphatically (and perhaps with a word or two I might not say in church) if they continue.


6.  Do I have to use your antenna and/or Altitude Encoder?  No, not at all.  The unit comes with an antenna and you can use any encoder (Gray Code or RS-232) that you wish.  We simply carry them for your convenience.


7.  If I buy  your antenna, what do I do with the one that comes with the ESG?  I see them on Ebay all the time.  I can't guarantee what you will get for yours, but the ones I've seen sell for more than what mine costs.


8.  Do you have a referral program?  Yes.  For one year (12 calendar months, just like the medical, the annual, and the BFR) every person that you refer to us that purchases a unit, we will send you $20.  No strings attached.


9.  Do you intend to put on any seminars?  Just the one I've been doing for 48 years, every year, thunderstorm, tornado, or shine.  Oshkosh.  Come visit me at my forum.  We may tape it and put it online.  That remains to be seen.


Jim Weir

VP Engineering, RST

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